The Best Online Resources for Managing Money

The internet is filled with resources that can help you manage your finances and save money. Whether you are looking for tools and online solutions for invoice management, financial planning and trading, or organizing budget, you will find a myriad of resources at your disposal. The benefit of these online resources is that most of them are free to use. Here we have hand-picked some of the best resources which can help you to better manage your money.

Online Resources for Invoice Management

If you want solutions for invoice management, here is a list of the best online resources that can lend you a hand:

  • SimplyBill – It enables you to create invoices, send them to clients in PDF formats, keep track of payments and deadlines, and much more.
  • Cashboard – This is a very helpful online tool, especially designed for small businesses. You can log your financial performance, create invoices, and keep track of them. It is a complete financial planner and is free.
  • BlinkSale – With this online service, you can create invoices, send them to clients, and keep a check and balance of them. Its highlighting features include automated invoice sending, CSS customization, integration with PayPal for automatic payments, and data import from Basecamp. This online service is free.

Online Resources for Financial Planning and Budget Organizing

Budget organizing and financial planning are two important aspects for any business. Here are some great online tools and services for you:

  • Buxfer – This is a widely used tool that is famous for personal money tracking. It allows you to keep track of who owes you money, all your financial transactions and much more.
  • Cyclr – As its name suggests, it help you by creating “cycles” of money. With this online resource, you can find out who else owes the same amount of money as you, giving both the parties the opportunity to cancel out the obligations of each other.
  • Expensr – It assists you in managing your financials and keeping track of where your money is being spent. It has several community features like public personal profiles and tags, and also supports projections and graphs. It is a free financial manager.
  • BudgetTracker – With this online tool, you can keep a record of your transactions, budget, income, expenses, and bills, all in one place. It also has a calendar which notifies you of upcoming events and allows you to manage your time accordingly.
  • Pearbudget – This online tool allows you to analyze your expenses and provide an estimation of how much you can actually spend. It has a web-based version and a desktop application, and both of them are free.

Online Resources for Information on Financial Investment and Trading

People need to have finance knowledge in order to make sound investment and trading decisions. Here are a few good sources for information on financial investment and trading:

  • Google Finance – A great place to learn about different markets. It has a simple and easy-to-understand layout with Flash portfolios and graphs.
  • Yahoo! Finance – A rival website to Google Finance, it is one of the most reputed online resources for information on stocks and trading. It provides you with latest market info, and you can also create a portfolio.
  • ValueWiki – It is basically a wiki for stocks. You can install a ticker widget for your blog and it has a live chat too.
  • Wikinancial – This is a great online platform where you can test and compare your stock picking strategy with others in the community. You can gain practical knowledge for trading on different, real-life stock markets.